Read to Lead.

September 1, 2017 0 Comments

Read to Lead

India has been independent since 70 years.
Still, it is beset by serious problems with its education system. Numerous research studies and surveys have substantiated these problems and prove that immediate attention and action is required.

Most resources and research are directed towards improving quantifiable factors such as enrolment, dropout rates, teacher-to-student ratios, etc. while not enough has been done to examine the quality of education given to India’s children.
The past three years have revealed excellent enrolment numbers, but the results on learning outcomes have been far less promising. Reports show barely 47% of children in grade 5 could read a grade 2 level text.

At SKEF, we thrive to facilitate reading skills amongst the children with a mission to lay a strong foundation for a child’s intellectual, physical, and social development.
SKEF is providing digital infrastructure (projector screens, computers and tablets) and promoting reading of stories on

Join Svayam Kriti’s movement to make a change. Make your contribution, now.

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