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October 13, 2020 0 Comments

Covid 2019 has put the entire world to a standstill. The most affected are our own tribal school children who had not stepped out of their homes for more than 5 months. The online learning was taking a toll on their physical and emotional well being. To add to this, the financial challenge was something the parents couldn’t afford.

Our young and bright volunteer Jash Jobalia identified this challenge and designed some interactive workshops for the school students at SKEF. He proposed to conduct these sessions pro bono for the benefit of the school students. The intentions were mutually set up with Jash which included the following

1. Avoid rote learning.

2. Focus on cognitive development.

3. Make the experience playful.

4. Provide practical exposure along with theoretical knowledge.5. Work towards clarity of academic concepts.

Jash took up reinforcement in the subject of Physics as the first milestone. He simplified the concepts of black holes, water sprinklers, wind energy, etc. with simple do it yourself practices. These workshops were designed taking inspiration from Dr. Arvind Gupta using household items like straws, empty plastic bottles, bicycle spokes, paper cups, etc.

The students at SKEF understood complex concepts of black holes, static electricity, magnetic inductions in a simple and interactive manner. Above all, the kids had a huge sense of joy while learning playfully. What started as an experimental workshop turned out to be a game-changer in the lives of our students in the challenging Covid 2019 times. Jash was bringing back the urge of learning into the students. Until now more than 12 such sessions have been conducted and around 600+ students have been benefited. A lot more of these sessions have been requested by our schools. We, at SKEF, are grateful to Jash Jobalia for his humble and innovative efforts to contribute towards the learning and well being of the tribal school students at SKEF. We thank Jash for being here with our school children when he could have been anywhere else in the world.

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