Our Schools

SKEF one.

The students of Zilla Parishad schools are provided with free textbooks from the State Government. Their parents can hardly spare the money for notebooks and other stationery which support their learning journey.

Under the initiative of ‘SKEF ONE’, we arrange for all the academic stationary requirements for one child for an entire school year.

These include:
Notebooks, Pens, Pencils, Erasers, Sharpeners, Colour Pencils, Drawing books, Tiffin Boxes, Water bottles, Writing pads, School bags, Water bottles, School Shoes, etc.

SKEF reads.

Studies have shown that reading increases verbal/writing skills, helps articulate thoughts, enhances problem-solving skills, increases concentration, improves memory and is also a mode of relaxation.

To hone this talent, we set up reading libraries with good quality books in English as well as the local state languages.

The books that we generally provide can be seen on

SKEF strives for exposure of children towards digital technology together with enhancing learning skills.

We provide digital platforms where children read e-books from

P. M. Chawla Endowment Scholarship

SKEF promotes talent by providing scholarships to students.

Under this initiative, academic as well as extra-curricular talent is recognised and financial scholarships are provided to meritorious students.

SKEF gifted.

Under this initiative the gifted and talented students are identified, counselled and provided with all the resources to strive towards their passion.
To qualify for this programme the students need to excel in the timely tests conducted by a panel from SKEF.

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