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May 5, 2020 0 Comments

April 2020, India witnessed the alarming consequences of the global pandemic COVID-19. There was an urgent need to arrange for food and groceries for the tribal families since they were disconnected from the cities as a result of the nation-wide lockdown.

JITO National Table Tennis Champion Jash Jobalia, one of our bright volunteers from the inner circle of SKEF, decided to do something valuable for the tribal school students and their families. Jash Apurva Jobalia is a student of Utpal Shangvi Global School, Mumbai, India. He volunteers with SKEF since 2015 and is always at the forefront with ideas of fundraising. He is instrumental in teaching mathematics to primary school kids bundled with table tennis coaching. His efforts to keep the primary school children healthy and active are commendable.

Jash is a budding and aspiring table tennis player. He has won a national title in Table Tennis for two consecutive years. He believes that sports and discipline are extremely important aspects of academic growth. He expressed, “Sport enhances the equilibrium between winning and losing and more importantly facing the challenges in life.” He has organized many sports camps for rural and urban school students and is always at the forefront in fundraising ideas.

Currently, facing the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis, Jash came up with a project of online fundraising. The idea was to perform musical renditions online with the purpose of raising funds for the provision of meals and food grains to daily wage earners. This project uncovered the upcoming musician in Jash. The amount raised would help SKEF to arrange food grains for a family of 4 lasting for 15 days at INR 700/-. The intention was to support more than 2400 families. A noble cause indeed for a young and upcoming musician, a tennis star and a bright volunteer at SKEF.

Jash has initiated crowdfunding for the COVID-19 relief by a small video.

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